Baring Maintenance

  • Always store bearings in a dry and cool (room temperature) area.
  • Bearings are to be stored in vibration free area and on a flat surface.
  • Bearings should be kept in their original packing until ready to use.
  • Be Careful! Never drop the bearing during handling or transportation.
  • Check for the size and tolerance (dimensions) of the shaft & housing.
  • Apply oil/grease to the shaft and housing prior to mounting of the bearings.
  • Select proper lubrication for the bearings.
  • If the bearing is mounted on the shaft the force must be evenly applied on the inner ring.
  • If the bearing is mounted on the housing the force must be evenly distributed on the outer ring. Never apply force on the rolling element / cage.
  • Bearing is to be mounted by hand driven tools, hydraulic press and induction heater as applicable. Do not hit the bearing with a normal hammer or tool.
  • After mounting, ensure the bearing rotates freely before operation/starting the machine.
  • Wear Gloves! Do not let bare hands, water and sweat come in contact with the bearing as it will cause corrosion.
  • Remove contaminants by flushing the bearing grease before removal.
  • Bearing has to be extracted from housing & shaft through use of bearing pullers, hydraulic pullers or induction heaters.
  • Bearings should be cleaned with mineral turpentine, immediately applied with rust prevention oil and wrapped properly.
  • Have a periodic check on lubrication and re-lubricate at specified intervals.
  • Make sure the bearing is not over-heated during operation.
  • Periodic checking of the noise and vibration level of installed bearings is advisable
  • Always purchase bearings from authorized dealers
  • Contact us at for further information.
  • Protect yourself and beware of fake bearings.

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